A Taste of Baltimore Restaurants

Baltimore Restaurant Week and More!

Baltimore has long been known for its Chesapeake inspired mouth-watering cuisine, but in recent years, Baltimore’s culinary scene has emerged as a leader in new dining trends along with five-star restaurants and award-winning chefs.

From crab cakes and authentic Italian dining in Little Italy to ethnic cuisine and public food markets, Baltimore’s chefs use only the most authentic and fresh ingredients, resulting in truly memorable dining experiences. Many bring the wonders of the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland farms right to their guest’s plates. A comfort vibe resonates throughout Baltimore’s dining scene and can be tasted in signature dishes in the trendy, hip and historic neighborhoods that make up the city. Owners, chefs and wait staff alike treat visitors like locals and provide unobtrusive yet professional service.

Seafood Restaurants in Baltimore

Baltimore seafood restaurants are best known for their blue crab creations. Local crab houses and seafood restaurants serve up the official Maryland state crustacean in crab cakes, crab soufflés, crab imperial and soft-shell crab sandwiches and other Chesapeake Bay cuisine including rockfish, scallops and oysters. If you’ve never savored these local delicacies, now’s your chance. Before you arrive in town, find out which seafood restaurant tickles your fancy by searching our seafood restaurant listings.

Baltimore Bars With Enviable Menus

If you're planning a trip to the city, you might also want to learn more about Baltimore bars and nightlife. Many local pubs, comedy clubs, and sports bars have great menus in addition to great entertainment.

Restaurants in Baltimore Catering to Groups

Whether you need to find a Baltimore restaurant for a wedding reception, a family reunion, or large work group, Baltimore has restaurants that cater to groups for every occasion.  Search our restaurant listings for restaurants around Baltimore that are group-friendly.

Get a Taste of Baltimore During Baltimore Restaurant Week

One of the most exciting ways to dine your way through Downtown is to visit Baltimore restaurants during Baltimore Restaurant Week. Participating restaurants offer specially selected menu options as the whole city celebrates our dining diversity.