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Be a Chef for a Day - National Children's Culinary Festival

October 22, 2016

We’re sorry—this event has now passed. Visit the event’s website to view photos, connect on social, and for future event information.



B-More Kitchen
417 Benninghaus Road
Baltimore, MD 21212


Cooking with real chefs to prepare a fun and tasty healthy meal. These days having quality family time can be difficult due to work, school, sports, busy schedules. While eating out can save time in the short term, the long term effects may not be the healthiest option for your family. Fast food is usually high in salt and unhealthy fats and may lead to one of the greatest epidemics among adolescents – childhood obesity. It has been proven that learning habits as a child impacts the youngster throughout life. At Be a Chef for a Day, we believe in inspiring children to explore the world of food in a healthy way through the art of cooking. Learning to cook allows children to discover foods that contribute to their health, to make healthy food choices, and to experience the joy and creativity of cooking. The benefit of knowing the origin of each ingredient as well as how each meal is prepared provides an awesome learning experience that will last a lifetime. Matt and Sphen will welcome Erica Liverani, winner of MastefChef Italy 2016 along with her three year old daughter Emma and with Chef Lorenzo De Guio of Masterchef Italy, to Baltimore for the second edition of our children’s culinary festival!

Event Details

Event Category General Information

  • Culinary
  • Admission: $15


Event Category
  • Culinary
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General Information
  • Admission: $15
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