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Laughter Yoga at Ruscombe Mansion- Come Laugh and Play your Stress Away!

October 20, 2016

We’re sorry—this event has now passed. Visit the event’s website to view photos, connect on social, and for future event information.



Ruscombe Mansion
4801 and 4803 Yellowwood Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209


Feel the need to laugh more? Are you too serious at times and would like to learn some easy techniques on how to infuse more unconditional laughter into your daily routine? Come laugh with me! Try some Laughter Yoga! Laughter Yoga is made up of these 3 elements: I will lead you through a series of 1) simple, yet very effective laughter exercises (not based on jokes or humor) 2) deep yogic pranayama breathing exercises (we perform no yoga poses, no mats required) plus 3) a restorative, mindfulness meditation (Yoga Nidra) How long has Laughter Yoga been around? Laughter Yoga was created in 1995 by physician Dr. Madan Kataria ( and has spread to a global fitness practice now found in 105 countries and practiced at over 6000 laughter clubs. What can it do for you? If you've never tried it before but you've seen it from a distance, you might think it's a strange fad with people laughing together for no reason. However, scientific evidence shows that when you laugh deeply (engaging the diaphragm), you draw more oxygen into the body, expanding the arteries and thus oxygenating the brain, which creates positive endorphins, reduces stress hormones (cortisol levels) and boosts your mood and your immune system. Practicing laughter on a daily basis, for 10-15 minutes, can seriously improve the quality of your life. ____________________________________________________________________________ Who is practicing Laughter Yoga? Here are just a few groups that are benefiting from Laughter Yoga: - the US Navy is using Laughter Yoga effectively to help combat vets reduce symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. - Leading cancer centers such as Cooper Anderson Clinic and Cancer Centers of America are using Laughter Yoga for patients and families to reduce stress and boost the immunities. Cancer Support groups such as Our House offer laughter sessions in their communities. -The American Heart & Stroke Association and leading cardiologists at the U of MD Medical Centers and Johns Hopkins Medical Centers recommend daily laughter to promote heart wellness and offer special laughter wellness programs for their medical and administrative staff, as well as for their patients. - health care professionals, therapists, yoga professionals, caretakers, teachers, students, private organizations, seniors, social workers, corporations and individuals are learning about LY, practicing it regularly and becoming certified Laughter Leaders. Next training is on Nov.5&6 in Roanoke, Va followed by another training on Dec 3&4 in Baltimore, MD. For more details and to RSVP , visit: Pay $10.00/per person at the door

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  • Special Events
  • Admission: $10.00/person at the door
  • Village of Cross Keys


Event Category
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General Information
  • Admission: $10.00/person at the door
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  • Village of Cross Keys
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