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The Big Hope Show - at the American Visionary Art Museum

The Big Hope Show

Opens on the eve of the American Visionary Art Museum's 20th anniversary celebration and is an original and unabashedly idealistic, art exhibition that champions the radiant and transformative power of hope. Over twenty-five visionary artists, among them many “super survivors” of enormous personal traumas, exhibit soulful creations reflecting their personal transcendence, and, often, a heightened or newfound creativity and sense of humor. (Artist - Nancy Josephson, Title - Erzulie Kouvez)

Jackie Sumell, Herman’s House

The Big Hope Show includes a visceral depiction of the life and artistry of the late Herman Wallace, an innocent man who spent over four decades in solitary confinement in Louisiana. Artist Jackie Sumell powerfully conveys Wallace’s experience with the remarkably humane and hopeful installation of Herman’s House. Photo by Dan Meyers.

Bobby Adams, Untitled

In playful tribute to AVAM’s beloved hometown of Baltimore, Bobby Adams—an exuberant outsider artist, dog lover and Christmas addict—shares never-before-seen photos, scrapbooks and assemblages. Adams also documents his strange, mid-century Baltimore upbringing, as well as his multi-decade immersion in filmmaker John Waters’ band of inclusive renegades, the “Dreamlanders.”

Margaret Munz- Losch, Early Bird

‘Hope Show’ artist Margaret Munz-Losch taught herself to draw and at age 16, heard a voice in her head saying she could duplicate any old master or modern painting if she focused hard enough and looked through the layers. Her life-sized, mind-boggling intricate works are created with colored pencil and acrylic. Photo by Margaret Munz-Losch.

Wayne Coyne, King’s Mouth

In a public first, The Big Hope Show unveils the fiercely blissful art of psychedelic rock pioneer and artist, Wayne Coyne. Visitors get to peek into what really fuels Coyne’s hope and happiness with the King’s Mouth, a feel-good, visitor immersive art installation that features new music by The Flaming Lips. Photo by Shawn Levin

Dan Patrell, Love is Forever (4 windows for Connie Walker and Her Family)

Dan Patrell’s Love Is Forever windows tell about deeply personal memories of his beloved wife, Connie, who died from ovarian cancer in 2013. Patrell reflects Connie’s passions in his mosaic tribute, incorporating swirling blue skies, cascading sunlight and an embedded Morse code message that translates to “love is forever.” Photo by Dan Meyers.

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