Don’t Miss Baltimore Bites

Crab cakes aren’t the only signature dish in Baltimore anymore. While you’re here, indulge in these decadent dishes from some of the newest and most delicious restaurants in town. Once you try these, we know you won’t be able to resist coming back again.

Octopus Po'Boy Sliders

Ida B’s Table, 235 Holliday Street
This happy hour favorite has the most incredible texture, which comes from a three-part cooking process. The octopus is marinated, grilled and then braised for three hours before landing on a brioche bun.

Ida B’s Table is a modern soul food restaurant located in the historic CJ Youse Candy Box Factory. The mixture of classic 19th-century design and modern comfort reflects the historical era and contemporary impact of the restaurant’s namesake, Ida Bell Wells-Barnett.
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Chesapeake Club

Loch Bar, Four Seasons Hotel, 110 International Drive
A step up from the typical crab cake platter, from modern Maryland seafood house Loch Bar, the Chesapeake Club combines a crab cake with shrimp salad, fried oysters, bacon and a roasted garlic aioli.
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Squid Ink Campanelle

Tagliata, 1012 Fleet Street
This dish comes with blue crab, sea urchin cream sauce and squid ink pasta, which you can see being hand-rolled in the open kitchen of Tagliata. The elegant Tuscan farmhouse feel of this Italian chophouse will transport you to Italy.
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Duck Flambé

The Bygone, 400 International Drive, 29th Floor
Step into the past at The Bygone, where the roaring ’20s are alive and well. From the rooftop of the Four Seasons hotel, enjoy the signature whiskey bar paired with the duck flambé. The Rohan Farms duck is cooked on a rotisserie with lavender honey and flambéed at your table.
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Campfire Sundae

Rye Street Tavern, 225 E. Cromwell Street
Indulge your sweet tooth with the Campfire Sundae from Rye Street Tavern, the newest restaurant from Chef Andrew Carmellini. Located adjacent to Sagamore Spirit Distillery, you’ll spot the whiskey many times on the menu, but this dessert features toasted marshmallow, peanuts and chocolate sorbet.
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Pesce Alla Griglia

Cosima, 3000 Falls Road, Mill No. 1
Not for the faint of heart, this grilled bronzino is served whole with salmoriglio sauce and kale salad. The dish pairs nicely with the rustic Italian setting of Cosima, located in a converted mill on the bank of the Jones Falls.
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