Escape Winter

Baltimore heats up when the weather gets cold. From a visit to a tropical rain forest to a cozy fireside dinner, you’ll find activities and events throughout the city to chase away the winter blues!

Room At The Top

In any season, a great start to your Baltimore getaway is the Top of the World Observation Level on the 27th floor of the harbor-side World Trade Center. Take in stunning, 360-degree panoramic city views and look for famous sites like Fort McHenry, historic Fell’s Point, the B&O Railroad Museum, Federal Hill and Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Stationed binoculars and photo-map guides provide a unique perspective on our storied seaport and the path from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to the Chesapeake Bay.

Outdoor Fun…Indoors

Step inside the Upland Tropical Rainforest at the National Aquarium (right next door to the World Trade Center) and you’ll be transported to an ecological wonderland. Watch for a two-toed sloth, the rare Blue Poison-Dart Frog, tarantulas, turtles, colorful parrots and scampering monkeys that sport a lion-like mane. It might be cold outside but the lush foliage and steamy temperatures will bring you back to the middle of summer!

Next stop at the National Aquarium is a stroll through a river gorge at Australia: Wild Extremes, named an Association of Zoos and Aquariums Exhibit of the Year. Listen for the Laughing Kookaburra, whose cries are often mistaken for the chatter of monkeys. Or see the venomous Death Adder. This immersive experience brings you near some 1,800 animals, many found only in Australia. Check the Aquarium’s online calendar for fun learning opportunities like Rainforest Talks, Critter Chats and Animal Encounters.

Your exotic adventure doesn’t end here. In Druid Hill Park, discover the treasures of the Tropical House and Desert House at the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens. Each space recreates the unique environment essential for its plants to thrive. In the tropical greenhouse, discover plants native to Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia and equatorial islands. This amazing variety of flora thrives in the rain, heat and humidity. The desert habitat showcases some of the toughest plants on Earth, able to withstand 125-degree temperatures during the day and survive when it’s below freezing at night. Want to learn more about plants, gardening and the Conservatory? Check out the “Plants and People” programs every Sunday, offering tours and demonstrations.

Cozy by the Fire

There is nothing quite like a delicious dinner beside the fireplace on a frosty night. You’re sure to get a warm welcome at some of Baltimore’s finest restaurants. Enjoy a meal at one of our top-rated eateries, such as The Oregon Grille, Baltimore has a toasty spot ready. For the al fresco experience, local eateries like Woodberry Kitchen light up their fire pits throughout the winter, while Leinenkugel’s Beer Garden keeps its outdoor taps flowing.

An Ancient Art

What better time than winter to learn the fiery art of glassblowing from one of Baltimore’s local experts? Corradetti Glassblowing offers specialty programs for individuals, families or groups, including the chance to create your own one-of-a-kind piece. Looking for an offbeat date night or special bonding experience with the kids? Make a memory as you make a glass vase, flower or starfish.

Anthony Corradetti has practiced the art of turning molten glass into art objects for more than 30 years and many of his pieces can be found in museums and private collections. At Corradetti Glassblowing Studio & Gallery you can see his works and then learn to make your own “masterpiece” with personalized, professional assistance.