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Canton Waterfront Park

3001 Boston Street, 21224

Resting between Boston Street and the Baltimore Harbor, Canton Waterfront Park offers eight acres of terrific views of the harbor and an easily accessible and vista-rich recreational area. See Baltimore’s maritime both past (with Fort McHenry sitting prominently across the water) and present (gargantuan U.S. Navy ships docked in the adjacently situated Clinton Street Marine Terminal).

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Carroll Park

1500 Washington Blvd., 21230

Carroll Park is Baltimore's third oldest city park and was originally part of the vast Mount Clare estate owned by Charles Carroll, a Barrister in the mid-18th century. The park was the site of Camp Carroll during the Civil War. The area surrounding Mount Clare was leased from the Carroll family and became Southwestern Schuetzen Park - a private recreation area used by Baltimore's German immigrant community.

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Cylburn Arboretum

4915 Greenspring Ave, 21209

Cylburn is Baltimore's largest public garden! Cylburn Association uses the gardens and surrounding nature as the staging area for educational programs and activities for all ages. Between 2008 and 2010, Cylburn constructed 2 new buildings. The Vollmer Visitor and Education Center was built utilizing many green building techniques. It features modern solutions to reduce the building’s impact on the environment like composting toilets, a “living” green roof, and geothermal heating and cooling.

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Druid Hill Park

900 Druid Lake Drive, 21217

Druid Hill Park is one of the first large public parks in America and Baltimore’s first large municipal park. It is the third oldest established park in the United States. Druid Hill Park consists of 745 acres. Its most well-known elements are the man-made Druid Hill Reservoir, which began construction in 1863, and the Maryland Zoo (previously known as the Baltimore Zoo). The park is also home to the country’s second oldest Victorian glass conservatory, the Howard P Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens.

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Federal Hill Park

300 Warren Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230

Federal Hill Park stands today as a signature Baltimore landmark. Situated just south of downtown and a short walk from the Inner Harbor, Federal Hill Park offers visitors one of the best views in the city. Other features such as the basketball court (recently renovated by Baltimore-based company Under Armour sportswear), and a gated kids playground area are just a sampling of what makes Federal Hill Park a worthwhile city destination for both recreation and leisure activities.

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Gwynns Falls & Leakin Park

4921 Windsor Mill Road

Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park-one contiguous parkland with two names--comprises the second largest woodland park in the United States! Consisting of over 1000 acres, this is by far Baltimore's most extensive park, stretching from the western city line along the valley of the Gwynns Falls and its tributaries all the way to Wilkens Avenue. Although surrounded by an urban environment, some areas of the park are so heavily wooded that they give the impression of wilderness.

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Gwynns Falls Trail

Gywnns Falls Trail is a 22 mile continuous corridor of hiking and bicycling trails inside Baltimore, Maryland, named for the Gwynns Falls, whose course it follows, and the surrounding Gwynns Falls Leakin Park it passes through. It connects dozens of west and southwest Baltimore neighborhoods with parks, historical and cultural landmarks and the urban business district.

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Inner Harbor Parks

(Rash Field/West Shore Park) 201 Key Highway, 21230

Rash Field is Baltimore’s 7 acre Harborside Park. It is conveniently located on 201 Key Highway, 21230. Rash Field is a unique civic space at the interface of land and water. Rash Field features a large grassy area and bleacher seating, offering one of the best views of downtown Baltimore. It connects nature and culture, commerce, and recreation. The field provides vistas of two of the City’s most iconic and evolving urban environments – the Inner Harbor waterfront and City skyline.

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Jones Falls Trail

The Jones Falls trail is a 10 mile hiking and bicycling trail that runs mostly along the length of its namesake The Jones Falls, a major north-south stream in and north of the city that has long acted as a major transportation corridor for the city. It also incorporates the bike path encircling Druid Hill Reservoir and its namesake park. The Jones Falls Trail was conceived in the late 1990s. The Trail is still under construction, with its schedule broken into five phases. Currently it is in Phase V of construction.

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Latrobe Park

1529 Fort Avenue, Baltimore, Md 21230

Latrobe Park is a neighborhood treasure in Locust Point. Originally only six acres in size, this park was created to serve the working class families on the Locust Point peninsula in addition to those on the trolley lines that ran along Fort Avenue. Latrobe Park has a turf athletic field, a large gated playground and toddler area with rubberized flooring, basketball courts, illuminated tennis courts, a dog park, and a Recreation Center. It is an easy walk from anywhere in the Locust Point neighborhood.

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Leone Riverside Park

301 E Randall St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Situated in South Baltimore between Federal Hill and Locust Point, Riverside Park is one of the Baltimore City’s oldest and most unique park spaces. Riverside Park is popular for its large public swimming pool, jogging and walking paths, and plenty of grassy and shady spots to relax. It features a number of recreational amenities from sporting fields and courts to a playground. Community events and outdoor concerts are held here and more recently the neighborhood surrounding the park has seen some revitalization with restoration projects of characteristic Baltimore row homes.

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Middle Branch Park

3301 Waterview Avenue, 21230

Just across the Veteran's Memorial Bridge near the Inner Harbor lies one of Baltimore's most pleasant outdoor parks. Baltimore’s “other waterfront”— Middle Branch Park- on the “middle branch” of the Patapsco River. It offers a clear view of the Baltimore City skyline, as well as a wildlife observatory area and a boardwalk.

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Mount Vernon Place

699 Washington Pl, 21201

Mount Vernon is home to some of the most historically significant and well-preserved 19th century architecture located in the East Coast of the United States. The centerpiece of the neighborhood is the area around the Washington Monument-built between 1815 and 1829 it was the first formal monument built in a city in the United States to George Washington. The squares which flank the Monument are landscaped with shrubs, grass, and walks, and are embellished with statues and fountains.

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Patterson Park

Baltimore’s first park! In 1827, six acres of what is now known as the 134 acre Patterson Park, were donated by William Patterson to create a public walk. A small oasis within the city, Patterson Park offers an opportunity to escape. Sit back and relax by the water at Boat Lake or visit the famed Pagoda (open from April to October) to see great views of the city. You can even take the family dog to the newly opened dog park.

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St. Mary’s Park

601 North Paca Street, 21201

St. Mary’s Park is located in the heart of the Seton Hill Historic District in Baltimore. It features the largest open green space in downtown Baltimore. The huge grassy areas and mature shade trees, and lovely nineteenth century row houses in the background make a beautiful back drop for any event. Located within the park is Mother Seton House, a spiritual landmark and former home of the first U.S.-born canonized saint of the Catholic Church.

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