Baltimore in the Spotlight

Baltimore is a truly authentic American city that welcomes visitors to explore its diverse heritage and culture, distinct neighborhoods, world-class attractions and award-winning restaurants. It’s a community made up of visionaries, creatives and locals with compelling stories to share. Find out why travel experts and writers at top national and international publications love Baltimore.


Recent Accolades

Samantha Brown's Places to Love


“Baltimore is more than a city. It’s a tapestry of tight neighborhoods, giving travelers an exceptional diversity of experiences. This city boasts resilience and a DIY spirit that’s infectious. Yes, Baltimore has overcome incredible challenges, but what should be more well-known and revered is its place in American history, and its unique brand of easy going urban hospitality. See why Baltimore, Maryland is a place to love!"

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Baltimore for All Seasons

AAA World

“When it comes to major East Coast cities, Baltimore may not rank high among the largest metropolises—hence, the nickname Smalltimore—but it certainly goes big with diverse attractions that offer fun for the whole family”

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How African-American Chefs are Revitalizing the Baltimore Food Scene


“Within the past couple years, the restaurant scene in particular has grown significantly, and Baltimore has given birth to a food scene to rival New York, Boston, and its other east-coast neighbors.”

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5 Reasons Why Baltimore Should Be Your Next Getaway


Though it’s often overshadowed by nearby D.C., Baltimore has a quirky character all its own—just ask its denizens, who will tell you just how great Charm City is without engaging in a show of one-upmanship.

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The 52 Places Traveler: A Celebration of African-American Culture in Baltimore

The New York Times

“This is a place where it feels like Black History Month every day, and I can’t wait to come back.”

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Why Baltimore is the coolest city on the East Coast

Evening Standard, UK

“The city’s impressive rise in young entrepreneurs has unleashed a whole new set of attractions - from its budding art and culture scene to its award-winning culinary, quirky neighbourhoods and fascinating history - not to mention the infectious crab craze, and electric nightlife.”

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