Jen Meyer

CEO, Innovation Incubator

Launch your big idea in Baltimore.

Baltimore is a city of innovation and technology, with the people and resources you need to go from concept to reality. The community wants to support you and the talent is already here. In fact, Baltimore was recently named one of the top U.S. cities for start-ups, and Maryland was ranked #1 in STEM job concentration. Baltimore creates the right environment to bring your big ideas to life.

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Jen Meyer, CEO of the Baltimore-based startup incubator Betamore, began her career in the tech world in Maryland and the Baltimore region, at Frostburg University and then Loyola University Maryland, where she earned her MBA. Since taking over as the company’s leader in early 2015, Meyer has led Federal Hill-based Betamore’s transition from being solely an incubator to becoming a regional tech hub – in part by expanding the company’s educational offerings. This included co-hosting Baltimore’s inaugural Beta City in 2015, a day of pitches, startup demos and more that has now become an annual event.

A Minute with Jen Meyer

Betamore CEO Jen Meyer is an influencer both in the workplace and in the Baltimore community. – by day, She’s leading the next stage of the local tech incubator by increasing the size of its advisory board, selling paid memberships that provide outside firms and individuals access to Betamore classes,events and so much more. She is also a member of the United Way of Central Maryland and Downtown Partnership of Baltimore’s executive boards, and volunteers at Digital Harbor High School and with the Safe Alternative Foundation for Education, Inc.