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September 12, 2020
9:00 am
1:00 pm

Ankh Queen's Solo Art Show "My Art Lives Through Me"

I’m Miss Angie Ang -The Ankh Queen, a fluid artist from Baltimore, MD who specializes in Acrylic Pours, Resin Art and Alcohol Ink abstract art.

Fluid art also known as paint pouring, flow art, liquid art. etc. Is a form of abstract art that uses acrylic paints, inks and resin with a runny (fluid) consistency. Fluid art is a form of therapy and can be interpreted and done in so many ways.

My work manifests motion through fluid art on canvas,wood and paper. My love for fluid art began Nov 2018 and I’ve been perfecting my craft ever since. I draw my inspiration form my emotions and my interpretation of the galaxy, but, I also allow room for other interpretations, hence why I never name/title my work. Each piece that I create is an original, unique masterpiece, never to be duplicated.

BrickRose Exchange

2216 Boston Street
Baltimore, 21231