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January 3
December 18, 2020
7:00 pm
8:00 pm

BIG Time: Improv Comedy Show & Interview with a Baltimore notable

The nonprofit Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) interview and comedy show BIG Time was named Best Improv Show by Baltimore magazine. Baltimore magazine publishes its “Best of Baltimore” issue each August. The editorial staff awards individuals and businesses for being worth seeing for Baltimore audiences. “For the first time ever,” Baltimore magazine writes. “We’re offering what we call ‘Hidden Gems’—namely our personal faves, the stuff we didn’t want to spoil with fame.” Richard Gorelick created the show. Gorelick began studying Improv in Fall 2016. He has worked for such arts organizations as the Walters Art Museum and Baltimore Center Stage and is the former restaurant critic for the Baltimore Sun. “BIG Time is when we invite someone from the outside to join us on stage,” Gorelick said. “Our guests have been journalists, auctioneers, artists, real estate agents, teachers, and ice cream makers. We interview our guest live on stage and then a team of improvisers gets to work, creating comedy from things they heard in the interview. “Sometimes the inspiration is obvious and direct but sometimes what inspires the players comes from way out in left field. Sometimes the inspiration comes from the weird way I ask questions.” “You know you’ve made it in this town when the Baltimore Improv Group comes knocking,” Baltimore magazine writes. “This free [weekly] improv show celebrates a local mover and shaker by making them the subject of on-the-fly comedy scenes, and everyone from cookbook author John Shields to WTMD’s music coordinator, Sam Sessa, has taken a turn in the spotlight. “

Baltimore Improv Group @ The BIG Theater

1727 N. Charles St
Baltimore, 21202

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