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July 9, 2024
7:00 pm
9:00 pm

Fundamentals of Improv Level 1: Multi-week Class!

Welcome to the wonderful world of improv comedy!

Could you imagine yourself:

More confident?
Connecting better with other people?
Comfortable in unexpected situations?
Making up things on the spot?
We know that you can, and this class will show you how! Learn the fundamentals of improv comedy with two skilled and supportive instructors. We’ll play some very silly games, learn how to create characters, explore techniques to collaborate and create as a team, and even perform full improvised scenes together!

Of course, you won’t be facing this new experience alone – you’ll be learning these new skills with a team of new improvisers, and by the end you’ll be ready to put on a showcase for your friends, family, and fans!

About this class:

Over six weeks, you will learn the fundamentals of improv comedy through a combination of warm-ups, games, exercises, and practice scenes. Highwire Improv’s expert instructors will be with you every step of the way, holding the space to make silly choices, explore comedy, and learn how to create art together. No performance, acting, or comedy experience is required – but by the end you will be confident and ready to show off your new skills!

Each class session will run from 7:00-9:00pm ET, with optional time available after class to discuss and debrief:

Week 1 (July 9): Intro to Improv
Week 2 (July 16): Base Reality
Week 3 (July 23): Physicality
Week 4 (July 30): Characters
Week 5 (August 6): Emotion and Relationship
Week 6 (August 13): Putting it All Together
Week 7 (August 20): Student Showcase!
This class is in-person, but Highwire Improv also offers online classes – check out our page for other offerings!

About Your Instructors:

Millie Hoffman (she/her) has been taking improv classes and performing since 2018. She performs regularly with Babeprov, David Bowie Improv, and a variety of special projects. A kindergarten teacher by day, she’s enthusiastic about bringing the joy of ‘play’ to all!

Jess Robey (she/her) discovered her passion for improv comedy five years ago during an intro to improv workshop, and she hasn’t looked back since. Based in Baltimore, Jess has performed at various theaters and spaces in cities across the East Coast.

Currently, Jess is a member of several Baltimore improv teams, including Babeprov, Croc Talk, Important Screws, Teen Angst, and the show she produces, Girl Talk.

Outside of improv, Jess finds joy in dancing, candle making, and writing. She sees improv as a liberating experience, allowing her to let go, have fun, and feel supported.

About Highwire Improv:

Highwire Improv is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. Our mission is to steward a community of artists committed to growth, collaboration, joy, and justice — in Baltimore and around the world — through improvisational theater.

Can I Use Professional Development Budgets for This Class?

Yes, very often you can! We’ve even created a few email templates depending on what type of skills you’d like to highlight to your employer!

St. Mark's Lutheran Church

$225, scholarships available

1900 Saint Paul Street
Baltimore, 21218