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August 23, 2024
7:00 pm
9:00 pm

Marvin Gaye & Teddy Pendergrass: Legends Tribute

“Tribute to Legends” Marvin Gaye & Teddy Pendergrass featuring The Official Teddy Pendergrass Band & Craig T. Dobson as Marvin Gaye

Get ready to groove with “The Official Teddy Pendergrass Band,” the ultimate homage to the legendary R&B icon. Endorsed by Teddy Pendergrass’ estate and family, this band is on a mission to keep his legacy burning bright. Comprised of original band members Robert “Wawa” Legrand, Bill Jolly, Brett Jolly, and Johnny Croom, this powerhouse ensemble delivers a soul-stirring experience like no other. They breathe new life into Teddy’s timeless classics, from the seductive “Turn Off the Lights” to the soulful anthem “Love T.K.O.” and the sultry “Close the Door.” With each note, they transport audiences back to the golden age of R&B, capturing the essence of Teddy’s electrifying live performances. These talented musicians boast a history of sharing the stage with the maestro himself, ensuring an authentic and unforgettable journey through his musical legacy.

Craig T. Dobson is a singer/ song writer, born and raised in Annapolis, MD to parents that were both singers, involved in music ministries. Craig sang in the vocal group, S.M.U.V. (Seductive Music Unique Vocals). The group had major success by wining multiple Radio Sponsored events. S.M.U.V. opened for major acts such as Levert, Wendy Moten, Men at Large, Hi Five, SWV, MC Search, Dru Hill, Brian McKnight, Sudden Change, Boys II Men, Kci & Jojo, and one of the last performances of the legendary duo, Ashford and Simpson. Craig released his debut self-titled EP with 9 Nineteen Music Label in Atlanta, GA in 2017 and received 11 Grammy Considerations for the Self-titled project in 2018.

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Keystone Korner Baltimore

$15 Streaming, $45 Regular

1350 Lancaster St
Baltimore, 21231