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March 15
August 9, 2020
10:00 am
5:00 pm

Shinique Smith: Grace Stands Beside

This new sculpture is motivated by the monuments that Shinique Smith practiced drawing as a
young artist growing up in Baltimore City. Its title is an evolution of one of the inscriptions on
the base of the former Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument erected by the Daughters
of the Confederacy in 1903, which reads “Glory stands beside our grief.” The monument was
removed in 2017 following public recognition of how this work and others exalted histories of
slavery and racism. In relation to her layered feelings and memories of the bronze sculpture,
Smith was compelled to create her own deity-like form as a monument to Grace, which the
artist defines as: “a complex state of being that black people and others who have endured
tragic prejudice have embodied to survive and to rise beyond.” The sculpture will be
comprised of vintage fabrics and quilts, as well as garments from the artists family, friends,
and extended connections who reside in Baltimore.

Baltimore Museum of Art

10 Art Museum Drive
Baltimore, 21218