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July 24
July 31, 2021
12:00 pm
3:00 pm

Sounds of the Americas: Introduction to the Ocarina

Instrument Making Workshop

Journey back in time through the Ocarina, a type of clay flute produced across Central and South America for thousands of years. The unique sounds and imaginative shapes of these instruments awaken memories of our common ancestry, recalling the songs of the birds and animals that inhabit our most sacred natural landscapes.

Ancient peoples of all times and latitudes have used an elaborate weave of myth, art, and music to communicate their world visions. In the Americas, we can connect with this heritage through a rich tradition of musical instruments whose forms, scales, and sounds give us a glimpse into the extraordinary cultures that created them.

Session 1
Learn about different instruments of the Americas, and explore the history and uses of the Ocarina, or Globular Flute. Gain a basic understanding of the acoustic system of the instrument and construct your own working Ocarina.

Session 2
Expand upon the knowledge gained in Session 1 to create a zoomorphic Ocarina with traditional iconography. Create your own reproduction of an historic Ocarina inspired by the form of an Indigenous bird or animal of the Americas.

This activity does not require prior experience with clay, instruments, or music.

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