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August 4
October 27, 2020
9:12 am
9:12 am

SpeakEasy Noir: Pole Initiation

Pole Initiation is our signature SpeakEasy Noir pole class at Movement Lab. In this class, we explore your relationship with the pole as an apparatus whether it’s your first pole class or you’ve been doing it for a while.  Our pole dance program is a method of instruction focused on fluidity, musicality, and intention. Pole classes are structured around sequences and theatrical prompts which also include movement on and around the pole, floor work, transitions, and spins.

PLEASE NOTE: Spacing is EXTREMELY LIMITED. For the month of August, we will only allow 4 students to sign up for class. If you have a quarantine buddy/roommate/spouse/lover/bestie/ friend who you want to take the class with, you two can share the pole bringing the total possible class size for right now to 8 people at most. Sharing the pole with someone from your pod, doesn’t take away from your experience of the class, nor your pole time. Our classes are 90 minutes. (After one of you register to secure the spot, please call the studio to have your pole buddy sign up as your dance partner.)

More About the Class: In Pole Initiation, you will begin to learn basic pole moves, spins, transitions, and skills while beginning the preparatory conditioning for climbs and inverts. This class is accessible to everyone. More experienced movers are always welcomed to polish their technical & foundational skills and focus on nuanced areas of growth. As each class includes movement sequences and exploratory prompts, all levels of pole experience will be challenged. Inverting and Aerial Tricks are NOT ALLOWED in Pole Initiation.

SpeakEasy Noir is a sensual movement experience & an immersive mind-body wellness practice. We explore Power, Pleasure & Play through erotic movement and emotional expression.

COVID Updates: Please wear Face Masks during class as required by the city of Baltimore and the CDC.

Movement Lab


301 W. 29th Street
Baltimore, 21211