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October 2
October 3, 2021

VIP Death Weekend "Poe Places" Bus Tour

October 2 & 3 is “Death Weekend”, commemorating the 172nd anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s death in Baltimore. Explore the enduring mystery surrounding Poe’s tragic death on a special VIP Death Weekend Bus Tour of Poe’s Baltimore. The 2-hour tour ticket includes stops at four important Poe Places around Baltimore, including Poe’s graves (he has two!) plus the sites where Poe was found and passed away. Bus Ticket also include scenes from a special re-enactment of  Edgar Allan Poe’s first funeral and the new “Poe in Film & Fashion Exhibit” at 1840s Plaza. Death and funeral imagery (including body in an open casket), may not be suitable for young children. Viewer discretion advised.

Note: Bus Tours are NOT included with general festival admission. Tours offered October 2 & 3, at 11AM & 2PM.   Virtual Tours are offered online only and do not include admission to the live event.  This tour requires 100%  ID check and proof of vaccination for COVID-19.


Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

$59pp, 2 hours

203 N. Amity St.
Baltimore, 21203