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December 7, 2021
1:30 pm
3:00 pm

WEBINAR: Meredith Mowder, "In Concert: Minimalism and Midcentury Intermedia Practices"

In Concert: Minimalism and Midcentury Intermedia Practices

Meredith Mowder, Ph.D., independent scholar.

In 1966, the artist Dick Higgins wrote, “For the last ten years or so, artists have changed their media…to the point where the media have broken down in their traditional forms, and have become merely puristic points of reference.” Indeed, the generation of artists working in the early 1950s increasingly began to blur the boundaries between media, their work becoming generally unclassifiable. This practice can be considered evidence of what Higgins termed ‘intermedia.’ This lecture will focus on the genesis of this phenomenon as well as diving into Minimalism, perhaps the most codified of midcentury intermedia practices. Most significantly, this talk will examine the early histories of minimalist music and art together, as an expansive audio-visual moment ultimately revealing a complex matrix of connections: shared artists, concepts and aesthetics.

$15 door fee for guests and subscribers (no fee for members)



This event takes place online.

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