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Baltimore Rock Opera Society Presents: Space Kümité

November 08, 2019 - November 23, 2019

8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.



Peabody Heights Brewery
401 E 30th St
Baltimore, MD 21218


Join the Baltimore Rock Opera Society for our next original production! Space Kümité is a live event that combines theater, music, audience participation, the spirit of professional wrestling, and the flavor of 80’s action and sci-fi movies. Space Kümité will take audiences aboard the Ilion, a generational ship that left a dying Earth over 300 years ago. With no end in sight, the crew has become fearful and restless, and conflicts threaten to erupt into full-scale war. To prevent loss of life, the Ilion’s A.I. has created the ultimate output for human aggression: The Kümité, a ritualistic ceremony of zero-G fighting, epic singing, and biting insults that has so far kept the peace, until a signal is detected from deep space bringing the tensions between the factions to a breaking point. The next Kümité will decide what path the ship will take, and may define the fate of the human race. As a Space Kümité attendee, you will join the crew. You will hear the choices argued in song. In shouted insults and arguments, and unarmed, zero-gravity combat. You will judge their merit. You will decide who fights, and who wins.

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Event Category General Information Neighborhood

  • Theater
  • Admission: $20
  • Charles Village


Event Category
  • Theater
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General Information
  • Admission: $20
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  • Charles Village
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