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Grant Program

The Visit Baltimore Foundation considers requests for support from Baltimore-area nonprofit organizations providing professional and/or soft skills training and associated support services to City residents, so long as there is a meaningful connection to or collaboration with the greater Baltimore tourism sector.

Grants applications are currently accepted on an invitation-only basis. To be considered, please submit a Letter of Inquiry so that we can determine if your purpose for seeking funds fits the Foundation’s priorities.


Letters of Inquire should be typed in 12-point font, single-spaced with one-inch margins, and should not exceed two pages. Include in your Letter of Inquiry the following information:

  • One sentence statement of the amount requested and proposed activity.
  • An overview of the purpose, goals, and objectives (measurable results) of the planned activity.
  • Description of the benefiting population, timeframe, and specific action plan.
  • Your qualifications for completing the activity.
  • A statement of how your proposal fits within the Visit Baltimore Foundation’s mission and priorities, being sure to describe any partners in the hospitality, meetings or tourism industry.
  • Further details on the total project cost, including, any pending or received funds. You may find it efficient to attach an organization or project budget.
  • Name of a contact person, address, telephone number and email address.


Please mail your Letter of Inquiry to:
Attn: Executive Director
Visit Baltimore Foundation
100 Light Street, 12th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202