Baltimore Delivers More Value

A survey of meeting professionals from across the country ranked Baltimore as number one or two in 18 of the core attributes classified as “value.”

The survey, conducted by Minding Your Business (MYB), a well-known consulting firm in the industry, included respondents who have held meetings in Baltimore and those who hadn’t. The survey concluded that when taking all of the factors that are considered when selecting a destination and highlighting those that represent “value,” Baltimore clearly offers meeting professionals “meetings with more.”

MYB’s findings showed that Baltimore’s customers and prospects rated Baltimore highly for “overall value offered,” defined as “the professional return on your meeting investment.”

The various factors that comprise “value” fall into three categories: Service, Convenience and Financial.

In the final analysis, Baltimore ranked first or second in 18 of the core attributes when weighed against its competitive set.

Service factors:

  • Contracting process;
  • Understanding the customer’s business;
  • CVB support and range of services provided;
  • Collaboration between Visit Baltimore, the Baltimore Convention Center and the hotel community;
  • Convention center facilities;
  • Highly competent local industry partners, and
  • CVB’s strong reputation for excellent service.

Convenience factors:

  • Ease of lift;
  • Ease of getting from the airport to the hotels and convention center;
  • Ease of doing business in the city;
  • Wide variety of dining and entertainment options;
  • Walkability of the city;
  • Proximity of the convention center to hotels and entertainment/dining options, and
  • Appeal of the area around the center, which is two blocks from Baltimore’s renowned Inner Harbor.

Financial factors:

  • Affordable travel costs;
  • Savings gleaned from the absence of shuttle expenses, and
  • Value-adds.

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