Green Baltimore

Visit Baltimore,
the Maryland Office of Tourism Development, the Baltimore Convention Center (BCC) and hospitality businesses are working closely with meeting professionals to provide greener experiences. From the BCC to the Maryland Green Travel program, a number of initiatives are in place to help offset our carbon footprint and foster green meetings.

The BCC is committed to building, implementing and expanding on an innovative environmental management system that sustains the needs of the Center’s daily operations; meets the standards of the City of Baltimore’s sustainability efforts; and serves to educate and benefit its staff, industry partners and clientele on the importance of the reduction of their carbon footprint. The Center has “gone green” on a number of fronts, including:

Waste Management: Reduction and Diversion
The Center uses single-stream recycling throughout the building and conducts annual waste audits to ensure it continues to meet or exceed its target waste diversion rate.

Additional programs, including a pallet disposal program, cardboard baler, scrap metal and recycling are in effect.

A Solid Waste Reduction System (SOMAT) DeHydrator system reduces all compostable material processed by an eight-to-one ratio. The nitrogen-rich by-product is used as an additive for the facility’s gardens.

Energy Conservation
A Constellation Energy conservation agreement provided upgrades to the facility’s lighting, heating and water systems, which will produce a 20 percent reduction in energy usage.

Environmental Design
Water consumption reduction is implemented through a highly efficient irrigation system consisting of timed sprinklers, drip irrigation and sensors, as well as water-saving devices for toilets, urinals and faucets in all restrooms.

The Center’s outdoor terrace is also equipped with a drought-resistant vegetative roofing pavilion and rainwater recapturing system.

Air Quality
An energy management system ensures air quality performance throughout the facility.

Responsible Procurement Processes
The Center prioritizes sustainable purchasing systems and supports buying local whenever possible.

The healthiest and least harmful cleaning products and cleaning practices are utilized throughout the facility.

Recycled, recyclable and biodegradable products are utilized in facility operations.

Continuing Education
Green Action Teams ensure each department is doing what is necessary to contribute to and grow the Center’s sustainability programs.

Involvement with the Community
The Center plays a leadership role working in tandem with the City of Baltimore, industry partners and clientele to ensure that green meeting practices are met. It furthers its green initiatives through volunteerism, food donations, reuse of composting materials and involvement in other programs that reinforce stewardship.

Maryland Green Travel, launched by the State of Maryland, encourages environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of the state’s tourism industry and promotes Maryland as a green destination to the eco-minded traveler. The Maryland Office of Tourism Development created the program in partnership with the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Maryland Tourism Council. Visit to find information about the state’s green programs and listings of certified members of the hospitality industry actively involved, including LEED-Certified Hotels in Baltimore.