Visit Baltimore Convention Sales Team

Locate an outstanding sales professional to help you plan your Baltimore meeting or convention.

Visit Baltimore’s Convention Sales Team has quickly gained a reputation for its outstanding skills in assisting associations and corporate meeting planners with customized site inspections of hotels, event venues, and attractions throughout the Greater Baltimore metropolitan area. This highly professional staff also represents the city through trade shows and custom presentations.


Amy Calvert, CTA
Senior Vice President of Convention Sales & Services
P: 410-659-7331
F: 410-727-2308
[email protected]

Aurelia Welsh, CTA
Director of Sales & Services
P: 410-659-7017
F: 410-727-2308
[email protected]

Kim Allison, CTA, CAE, CASE
Citywide Sales Director
P: 703-899-2815
[email protected] 
Mid-Atlantic (DC, MD, VA) 
(1201 and above) select vertical markets 

Amra Elmore, CTA
Regional Director of Sales
P: 410-659-7005
F: 410-727-2308
[email protected]
South Central (801 and above)
International (801 and above)
West (801 and above)
Southeast (801 and above)
Texas (801 and above)

Laurie Nelson-Choice, CTA
Director of Diversity and National Sales
P: 202-588-8800
F: 410-659-8386
[email protected]
Multicultural, LGBT, Fraternal, and Religious organizations (501-up) - US 
Mid–Atlantic (DC, MD, VA) select vertical markets (1201 and above)
Government/Union (1201 and above) - US

Kat Taylor, CTA
Senior National Sales Manager
P: 410-659-8388
F: 443-817-0613
[email protected]
Midwest Association and Corporate (10-1200)
Multicultural, LGBT, Fraternal, and Religious organizations (10-500)

Sheila Provanzano, CTA
Regional Director of Sales
P: 773-495-5049
F: 410-727-2308
[email protected]
Midwest Association and Corporate (1201 and above)

Eric Masterton, CTA
Director of Tourism Sales
P: 410-659-7090
F: 443-817-0484
[email protected]
Group Tour, Reunion, Weddings Nationwide
International F.I.T. 

Sally Sutera, CTA
Regional Director of Sales, Northeast
P: 613-665-0289
F: 443-817-0613
[email protected]
Northeast (501 and above)

Christina Ghani
National Sales and Sports Manager
P: 410-659-8375
[email protected]
Northeast (10-500)
Maryland, Virginia, DC (10-150)
Northwest (10-150)
International (10-800)
New Business Development
Sports Events Nationwide (10 and up)

Terry Kalmey
National Sales Manager
P: 410-659-7138
F: 410-727-2308
[email protected]

Brian Chung
Senior Sales Manager
P: 410-659-8358
F: 443-451-8329
[email protected]
Mid-Atlantic: D.C., Maryland, VA (151-1,199 peak rooms)
Union Market Nationwide (151-1,199 peak rooms)