Annie Howe Papercuts
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Annie Howe Papercuts

Annie Howe came to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art and never left. Now settled in the Hamilton-Lauraville neighborhood, Howe enjoys meeting new people through her paper cutting workshops. She enjoys paper cutting because it’s an affordable and easily accessible craft that anyone can learn.
Meet Annie Howe

How has living in Baltimore influenced your work?
AH: I find the city to be very inspiring. The architecture – I do a lot of paper cuts featuring row houses and the underground of what I imagine the plumbing and the pipes to look like in the city. I always try to put in a lot of landmarks like the Aquarium, the Bromo Seltzer tower and an arabber cart so if you’ve been in Baltimore a long time then you’re like, ‘Oh, I know what that is.’ It’s fun to see people look at my paper cuts and recognize what’s in there.

What about Baltimore inspires you?
AH: The people are … the best part of Baltimore. The city boasts a really supportive community of people who appreciate art and want to support your work and see you succeed. There’s all kinds of fun classes and workshop spaces that I myself, as a maker, like to go to and be inspired by. There are so many cool things to try.

How would you describe Baltimore in one word?
AH: The one word I would use to describe Baltimore is resilient. There are a lot of people …working to make things different and make change happen. Baltimore has generations of people working hard to make the city better.

Why did you choose to live and work in the Hamilton-Lauraville neighborhood?
AH: I really wanted to have a studio in this neighborhood because I just love the network and the support of the business-owner community.