Natasha's Just Brittle
Treat your sweet tooth to a brittle making workshop

Natasha's Just Brittle

Natasha Wainwright is a Baltimore native with a passion for creating sweet treats in her hometown. Through her shop Natasha’s Just Brittle she specializes in brittle, popcorn and chocolates, and through Bmore Made with Pride Commercial Kitchen, she provides an incubator for culinary artisans to cook, produce and sell their wares.
Meet Natasha Wainwright

Tell us about the workshops you offer the public.
NW: We offer great activities for people to come and be social. We do things with adults like brittle bark classes paired with a wine tasting. We do cake making and tasting events. We also hold children’s cooking classes here to teach them how to make healthy meals.

What’s special about owning a business in Baltimore?
NW: This is where I’m from. And I just want to be known for being a Baltimore business, which is why we call the second part of our business BMore Made With Pride. I want our community to love and appreciate what we do right at home.

Which Baltimore attractions would you recommend to visitors?
NW: The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is something visitors definitely want to check out. What else? Local wineries like Linganore Winecellars. I love going there… to taste different artisanal products and sip some wine.

This interview has been condensed; portions of it have been edited for clarity.