Thinking of having a group meeting, convention or reunion in Baltimore? Read what Visit Baltimore’s clients have to say about our outstanding services and commitment to your satisfaction.

Inside Lacrosse- 2016
Beth Porreca, Director, Special Events
“What we found here in Baltimore was the ability to really transform the space as we wanted it to be. When we look at space and when we look at what we want in terms of a convention center or a visitors bureau, we really look for somebody that can help us provide the best possible experience to our attendees. We weren’t boxed in in terms of choosing or having to fi t in a particular way; we were allowed to just really be creative and create the best experience possible for our attendees. Our core competency as a U.S. Lacrosse Events Department is logistics and that’s where we shine … and Visit Baltimore allowed us to do that.”

National Products Expo 2015
Adam Anderson, Group Show Director
“From a destination standpoint, I think the most important thing for our attendees is just a place they can feel safe, they can walk around in…and Baltimore really provides that. The Inner Harbor and downtown area are fantastic, fantastic hotel community, and our attendees really love…there’s so much to do in Baltimore in the evening, besides what we provide as attractions.”

American Legion 2015
Michael Walton, Chairman of the American Legion Convention Commission
“It really was a smooth process. The folks here in Baltimore made our job easy. Our full time staff have enjoyed working with them…we haven’t heard, ‘no you can’t do that’ from Baltimore; we’ve heard ‘yes, we want to help you do that.’ Which, you don’t hear that in all cities, but we were very fortunate to hear that here.”

Ecological Society of America (ESA)- 2015
Michelle Horton, Director of Administration and Meetings
“The city has been more than welcoming. The venue – the convention center – is unbelievable. It’s huge! The exhibit hall is great. The fact that the Hilton is connected to the Convention Center is so convenient. You can’t get lost!”

International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM)-2015
Margot Angles, Director of Meetings and Events
“When we host an event in a city, we want our attendees to experience the best that we can connect them to in that city. Whether that’s the historic side, or whether that’s something completely unexpected, there’s no way for us to really know that on our own. But to have the help of Visit Baltimore really brings in those welcome surprises and helps us confidently plan an event that we know our attendees are going to enjoy.”

Association of Equipment Manufacturers/World of Asphalt- 2015
Rich Prausa, Tradeshow Manager
“We achieved a record growth of 26 percent on our overall registration comparted to our last show, helping exhibitors and all participants archive their ROI goals. The support of Visit Baltimore and the Convention center working as our partners contributed greatly to our success.”