December Meetings and Conventions

Posted on November 19, 2014

In the Baltimore Convention Center…

Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research
2014 AER Conference

December 1-8
Attendees: 2,500
Room Nights: 7,495
Estimated Direct Spending: $3,015,450

Top Deck Games
Grand Prix Baltimore

December 11-14
Attendees: 2,000
Room Nights: 320
Estimated Direct Spending: $355,049

Meetings in Venues other than the Baltimore Convention Center (booked by Visit Baltimore)…

American Federation of Government Employees
Committee for the Future Meeting

December 2-4
Attendees: 60
Room Nights: 195
Estimated Direct Spending: $60,844

Council of the Great City Schools
Text Set Meeting

December 6-9
Attendees: 75
Room Nights: 140
Estimated Direct Spending: $54,719

Diversified Business Communications
2014 Pri-Med Conference & Exhibition

December 6-11
Attendees: 1,200
Room Nights: 360
Estimated Direct Spending: $502,379

Financial Research Associates
FDR Oversight Conference

December 7-8
Attendees: 125
Room Nights: 100
Estimated Direct Spending: $57,087

USAA Military Home, Life & Auto Insurance
USAA Army-Navy Room Block

December 7-14
Attendees: 250
Room Nights: 595
Estimated Direct Spending: $332,434

Army-Navy Football Game 2014
December 11-13
Attendees: 70,000
Room Nights: 3,598
Estimated Direct Spending: $9,897,518

Association for Jewish Studies
46th Annual Conference 2014

December 12-17
Attendees: 500
Room Nights: 1,700
Estimated Direct Spending: $455,186

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