Brewer’s Hill

This neighborhood gets its name from the two landmark breweries it was once home to: National Brewery and The Gunther. These former breweries are now home to mixed-use developments which include apartments, work space and businesses. It’s easy to spot Brewer’s Hill because the sign for National Brewery “mascot” and Baltimore staple, Natty Boh, hovers high in the air and greets you with a wink. The brewery used to produce National Bohemian beer, which continues to be a favorite beer of Baltimoreans.

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Explore Baltimore’s Craft Beer Scene

It’s no secret that Baltimore takes its beer seriously. One of the city’s first manufacturing industries was the brewing of National Bohemian beer, lovingly called "Natty Boh" by the locals.…

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There is nothing more welcome on a hot day than an icy beer. Unless it’s a crushed-ice cocktail—or maybe a crisp sparkling wine. Boozy snowballs anyone? Baltimore has them all.…

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Baltimore has been a beer-drinking town since Mary Pickersgill sewed the Stars and Stripes on the floor of a local brewery in 1812.…

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