Photo Tour

Discovering Fort McHenry National Monument & Historical Shrine

Get Closer to American History

During the War of 1812, soldiers stationed at Fort McHenry defended the Baltimore harbor, preventing a British advance into the city. Find out what it was like to be one of those soldiers with a visit to Fort McHenry and its grounds.

Special Events & Military Displays

Plan ahead so your trip coincides with one of the Fort's spectacular special events: take in a twilight tattoo ceremony, or witness a stunning reenactment. You can even see the Fort McHenry Guard performing drill, musket and artillery demonstrations. 

And the Rockets' Red Glare!

Fireworks aren't just for Fourth of July: if your trip coincides with Defenders' Day, you'll catch the Fort McHenry firework display over the harbor.

O'er the Land of the Free

Did you know?: When a new flag is designed for use by the United States, it is first flown over Fort McHenry!

Plan Your Visit Today

With special events, activities for kids, and much more, no visit to Baltimore is complete without a trip to Fort McHenry.