Convention Services Team

Visit Baltimore's Convention Service professionals will take care of every detail for your meeting, convention or trade show.

Site Inspections & Facility Selection

Let us know when you’re visiting and we’ll arrange a custom itinerary that meets your needs. When it’s time to make a choice, we want you to have all of the information necessary so there are no surprises. We are here to arrange appointments, introduce you to sales representatives and accompany you on tours of facilities. We provide the necessary information to secure venues for your meetings and events.

Convention Services Team

From your initial confirmation to your closing session, Visit Baltimore's Convention Services staff is dedicated to ensuring your success and the success of your Baltimore meeting. When you choose Baltimore as your host city, rely on our Convention Service professionals to take care of every detail.

Aurelia Welsh, CTA
Director of Sales & Services
P: 410-659-7017
F: 410-727-2308

Lindsay Ruocco, CTA
Associate Director of Events & Tradeshows
P: 410-659-7139
F: 443-817-0494

Olivia Puglisi, CTA
Associate Director of Convention Services
P: 410-659-7303
F: 443-817-0462

Alexis Perry, CTA
Convention Staffing Manager 
P: 410-659-7069
F: 410-727-2308

Camille Spilker, CTA
Convention Services Manager
P: 410-659-7317
F: 443-817-0613


Ashley Johnson
Convention Services Coordinator
P: 410-659-8357
F: 443-817-0613