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Future of Tourism

Meet the future of the hospitality tourism industry: emerging leaders and graduates of our diversity apprenticeship program. Find out how you or someone you know can benefit from this program. Learn more about the Visit Baltimore Education & Training Foundation which oversees the apprenticeship program.

Bridget Mahn

2023 Apprentice
Sponsored by Guinness Open Gate Brewery

“Being an apprentice is a once in a lifetime opportunity. My favorite part was participating in the CIAA Tournament and watching everything we worked on come together. I would highly recommend the experience to other students, especially in the hospitality field because you get to experience each aspect of hospitality all in one place.”

Maggie Williams

2022 Data Analytics Fellow
Sponsored by Tourism Economics

“Visit Baltimore offered an amazing opportunity to peer behind the curtain and understand all the moving parts of the city. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent working closely with my mentors and building up my skills to confidently enter the workforce. Great experience overall!”

Tymarra Sherrill

2021 Diversity Apprentice
Sponsored by Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Secured role as Social Media & Publications Coordinator for Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

“I had such a great experience with Visit Baltimore and learned so much about how they market the Charm City that I grew up in. I learned that collaboration is a large part of everything, which is exciting because it’s the same way in hospitality. You always have your hand in a lot of pots and working together is what keeps things running smoothly and looking beautiful.”

Tymarra headshot

Anthony Richmond

2021 Diversity Apprentice
Sponsored by Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Secured role as Sales Coordinator for National Aquarium

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had to work as an apprentice for Visit Baltimore’s Diversity Apprenticeship program. By working so closely with the operations team, I was able to experience how to run programs and processes in the hospitality and tourism industry.”

Naomi Bolasingh

2020 Marketing Apprentice
Sponsored by Bellweather Agency

Secured role as Hospitality Coordinator for DoubleTree by Hilton

“There are a lot of great things about this program. However, my favorite part was being able to connect with so many powerful and creative minds. The environment that Visit Baltimore and Bellweather Agency instilled was collaborative and inspiring.”

Deedra Mills

2017 Diversity Apprentice

Secured a role as an Event Coordinator at the Baltimore Convention Center

“Being a participant in the Apprenticeship Program has catapulted my career in the hospitality & tourism industry, far beyond my expectations. As an alumni of the apprenticeship program, I have been awarded with a lot of professional assets; ranging from developing a robust professional network and timeless relationships with phenomenal industry leaders, to being able to take advantage of vast career opportunities in leadership roles throughout various facets of the industry; from CVB to hotels.”