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January 19, 2024
6:30 pm
8:30 pm

Edgar Allan Poe Birthday & Poe Toaster Murder Mystery

For decades, a mysterious figure left a tribute of cognac and roses at literary horror master Edgar Allan Poe’s grave in Baltimore. In the final years, strangely worded messages were left alongside the mysterious visitor’s gift. The tradition ended abruptly, with no clue as to the fate of the anonymous “Poe Toaster.”

Or at least…that’s what the killer wanted the world to believe!

January 19, on the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s 215th birthday, it’s time to reveal the truth: the legendary Poe Toaster is dead, murdered at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe!  Newly uncovered evidence reveals that before his death the Poe Toaster knew he was being hunted. Unable to implicate his would-be assassin without revealing his own identity, The Poe Toaster left clues in plain sight: encoded in his final tribute messages at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe.  Before the trail is lost forever and the killer escapes justice, Poe House has enlisted the help of codebreakers at the NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum to help us unmask the murderer!

“There are some secrets which do not permit themselves to be told. Men die nightly in their beds, wringing the hands of ghostly confessors and looking them piteously in the eyes — die with despair of heart and convulsion of throat, on account of the hideousness of mysteries which will not suffer themselves to be revealed.” ― Edgar Allan Poe, The Man of the Crowd

Join Poe Baltimore and Poe’s Magic Theatre for a special birthday celebration for Edgar Allan Poe, Thursday, January 19, 2024, at the famed Westminster Hall & Burying Grounds in Baltimore, Maryland (where Poe is buried.) This party, complete with cake and toasty refreshments on a cold January evening, will include a special mystery game and a tour of the historic Catacombs. Attendees will follow clues around the old cemetery where Poe is buried and follow in the footsteps of a killer.

Crack the code! Find the killer! Join fellow sleuths at Westminster Hall & Burying Ground as we return to the scene of the crime. Together you must solve puzzles and codes of increasing difficulty, then tackle the most confounding mystery of all: who killed the Poe Toaster? Secret writing within the cryptic messages at the grave of the poet will be revealed to the world. Help us crack the Poe Toaster’s secret code!

General Admission includes:

  • Murder mystery hosted by the NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum
  • Complimentary party refreshments & hot cocoa
  • Guided tour of Westminster Hall & Burying Grounds, including the catacombs
  • Grave-side birthday toast to Edgar Allan Poe

NOTE: while this event is family friendly, the theme includes violent imagery and a cemetery tour. Attendee discretion is advised. And bundle up! We follow the clues wherever they may lead, perhaps even into the frigid night air.

LIMITED VIP packages are available that includes early entry and a Bus Tour of Edgar Allan Poe’s Baltimore!

Explore the enduring mystery surrounding Poe’s tragic death on a special tour of Poe’s final days in Baltimore. The 60-minute tour ticket includes stops at four important Poe Places around Baltimore, including Poe’s graves (he has two!) plus the sites where Poe was found and passed away.


  • The Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum (photo stop)
  • Gunner’s Hall historical perspective
  • The Hospital where Poe died (photo stop)
  • Westminster Hall & Burying Ground including two Poe graves, graveyard, & catacombs tour
  • Bus Tour will leave Westminster Hall at 6:15 PM (early!) Tours meet at Poe’s grave, Fayette Street entrance to the cemetery.
Westminster Hall & Burying Ground

$34 General Admission includes light refreshment and murder mystery party

519 W. Fayette Street
Baltimore, 21201