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March 27, 2024
7:30 pm
9:00 pm

“To Sassy With Love” Celebrating The Great Sarah Vaughan Centennial

“The soaring voice and radiantly creative soul of Sarah Vaughan never fail to lift our hearts and enrich our lives. No matter what genre or style of music she was dealing with, Sarah set the artistic standard and always will.” – Todd Barkan

Anna-Lisa Kirby [vocals]
Charenee Wade [vocals]
Irene Jalenti [vocals]
Cyrus Chestnut [piano]
Obasi Akoto [bass]
Eric Kennedy [drums]

Often referred to as “Sassy” or the “Divine One,” singer Sarah Vaughan effortlessly traversed genres, from bebop and swing to ballads and bossa nova, leaving an indelible mark on each. Sarah Vaughan’s impact on all jazz vocalists is like having a mentor whose timeless recordings serve as both a guide and an inspiration. This concert celebrates Sarah Vaughan’s centennial by exploring the diverse facets of her musical legacy. From her early years with the big bands to her later explorations in various genres, the program will showcase the versatility and timelessness of Vaughan’s contributions to jazz. As we revel in her musical brilliance, let us remember and honor the everlasting impact of the “Divine One” on the world of jazz and beyond. Happy 100th Birthday, Sarah Vaughan!

Keystone Korner Baltimore

$35 Premium, $30 Regular, $10 Streaming

1350 Lancaster St.
Baltimore, 21231