Maryland Science Center

Serving more than half a million visitors per year, the Maryland Science Center is one of the Inner Harbor's main attractions.

Entertaining and educational to the young and old alike, the Maryland Science Center is undoubtedly one of the city's most exciting places to visit, with hands-on exhibits and spectacular displays about the wonderful world of science and technology.

About the Maryland Science Center

One of the oldest scientific institutions in the United States, the Maryland Science Center is a learning center for all ages and was originally a meeting place for an amateur scientific society where members would discuss papers on a variety of natural science topics.

At the center, you'll find three floors of demonstrations designed to exercise your imagination and challenge your mind. You can see exciting combustible reactions and eye-boggling optical illusions, or learn about lasers — just to name a few highlights. Hands-on exhibits include a voyage through the human body and learning how microbes work. The center also features many traveling exhibits, so there's always something new to see and learn.

Most recently, the Science Center opened The Shed — part workshop, part laboratory — that hosts daily drop in activities and special programs throughout the year. Here you can learn to sew, design jewelry and toys, to use power tools and much more. The center has also reinvented its hands-on laboratory, now called the SciLab. Visitors become real scientists in the venue's lab environment, even donning lab coats and goggles, and conducting experiments at various stations. Don't forget to check out Terra Link, the part media center, part discovery center, presenting the latest and greatest in Earth system science.

The IMAX Theater at the Maryland Science Center

The Science Center has become such a spectacular experience that it's hard to believe it has been around since 1976. In the larger-than-life, five-story 3D IMAX movie theater, complete with surround sound and stadium seating, objects seem to leap off the screen and look real enough to touch, making you feel like you're actually in the movie. Just put on your 3D glasses and prepare for an incredible adventure to fantastic places like the land of dinosaurs, the Nile or the Bayou. The IMAX theater offers a variety of changing shows and features.

Davis Planetarium

The Maryland Science Center's Davis Planetarium features programs allowing you to explore the sky and learn about space exploration. Examine the night sky, the sun and the stars, or learn how to identify stars and constellations with "The Sky Live!" presentation. In "One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure," guests take an imaginary trip to the moon with friends from Sesame Street. Other presentations like "To Space and Back," teach you about what's beyond Earth, all while you relax in total comfort.

Planning a Visit to the Maryland Science Center

Let your mind and senses wander and take advantage of the many sights and activities at the Maryland Science Center. Get more information about the Science Center and plan your trip today >>