Invite CTAs to Visit Your Venue With Freebies & Discounts

Posted on July 12, 2017

We'd like to encourage members to provide Baltimore's Certified Tourism Ambassadors (CTAs) with exclusive Freebies & Discounts (i.e., free or discounted admission, food, drinks, desserts, etc.). This effort will encourage CTAs to visit your venue and experience what your business offers first-hand so that they can spread the word to visitors, friends and family. It's been shown time and time again that, if the front-line knows about your establishment and has personally visited it, they'll be able to speak from their own experience!

Please contact Frank Riggio-Preston at 410-659-7066 or [email protected] with your offer or with any questions you may have about the discount program.

We very much look forward to hearing from you as we begin a new year for the program, and we thank you for your support.