We Need Your Support! Visit Baltimore's Funding is Up for Renewal in Annapolis

Posted on February 8, 2017

Visit Baltimore is happy to share that Mayor Pugh has reiterated the importance of tourism to Baltimore's economy and quality of life by introducing SB0846: Baltimore City - Hotel Room Tax - Convention Center Promotion. This bill extends through FY2022 provisions requiring that 40 percent of the proceeds from a hotel room tax imposed by Baltimore City be appropriated to Visit Baltimore specifically for Convention Center marketing and tourism promotion. We anticipate a cross-filed bill will be introduced in the House by Friday, February 10.

We are asking the support of EVERY member of Visit Baltimore and our broader tourism community on two critical action items: Helping us thank the Mayor for her support of tourism - and in turn, your business - by sharing a message from your organization(s); and helping us secure the support of the Maryland General Assembly and request FAVORABLE votes for SB0846 (and its to-be-filed cross bill in the House) by appealing to your elected officials in Annapolis. We have provided suggested messaging and contact information to be used in crafting your personal outreach.

We need your help to show how Baltimore tourism is bigger than just Baltimore. For more information and to sign up for updates, check out the Visit Baltimore tourism advocacy website.

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