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Open Walls Baltimore II

An International Festival of Site-Specific Street Art

Building on the success of Open Walls Baltimore in 2012, the Station North Arts and Entertainment District hosted Open Walls II in June 2014.

Artists From Around the World Convey a Local Message

A group of 15 artists from Baltimore, Europe and South America, curated by Gaia, were challenged to tell the story of legacy and revitalization of a central Baltimore neighborhood.

Using Buildings as a Canvas

Various sites within the Station North area hosted large scale painted murals and installations. These sites were selected to draw visitors from all over the district, creating an artistic gateway into the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

Renewed Community Vibrancy Through the Arts

In addition to the murals, Open Walls Baltimore II included many other performances, installations, entertainment and programming, dubbed Open Walls Baltimore X. To learn more about Open Walls II, read artist bios or see the murals, click here.