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What to Expect When You Visit
What to Expect When You…
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Creating New Legacies


The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA), the nation’s oldest historically black athletic conference, in partnership with Visit Baltimore, is hosting its first-ever virtual tournament week experience. The CIAA Virtual Vibe: Tournament Edition will feature a Baltimore-themed interactive virtual platform that will help welcome fans to ‘Charm City’ while showcasing a host of events, including several that serve as cornerstones of tournament week. The tournament will resume in-person, in Baltimore for 2022 through 2023.

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Register for 2021

Access to the CIAA Virtual Vibe is free, but registration is required. Register now to take part in this unique virtual experience as the conference transitions (virtually) to the new host city of Baltimore, are encouraged to register early as space is limited.


Baltimore Virtual Events

Wednesday February 24th 7:00 pm-10:00 pm

CIAA Baltimore 2021 Welcome Reception

The 2021 Welcome Reception will have a different look and feel than we anticipated, however, this virtual experience will still have the same energy and charm to welcome guests to Baltimore. Featuring celebrity hosts and DJ’s, attendees will learn about Baltimore’s flair, music, and talent. Each hour will be filled with exciting content, greetings from city officials, and acknowledgement of local contributors dedicated to helping raise funds for the CIAA Student-Athletes.

Attracting fans near and far, this virtual experience is able to touch guests who may not have made it to Baltimore but wanted to attend. It gives the ability for everyone to learn about the charm of Baltimore City and encourage fans to make a trip to the 2022 CIAA Basketball Tournament.
Wednesday February 24th 3:00pm-4:30pm

Preserving the Whole You: Mental Health Series 

Health and Mental Wellness have been topics that showcase astounding disparities, complex relationships with society, and unconfronted stigmas in the African American community. These issues not only affect the average African-American person but these cultural norms also impact students and the athletic community.
“Preserving A Whole You” Panel discussion will unpack the historical undertones that have shaped the wellness and awareness of the AA community but it will also eradicate the social norms surrounding health and mental preservation.
The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic highlighted health disparities which not only affected the African American community but all groups who fall within the lower socio-economic class structure across the world. It pinpointed systemic inequities and access to proper healthcare, food, and mental wellness treatment and will continue to unfold in different parameters still yet to be seen. There have been many strides to improve health in the United States but large groups of individuals are still lacking the resources and care needed to break the institutional biases. Students, families, coaches are walking around and returning to school environments with stress, anxiety, and other factors and don’t know how to navigate their emotional wellness.
Experts on the panel will discuss:
  • Ways to improve community wellness.
  • Eradicating stigmas associated with Mental Wellness.
  • Initiatives that address disparities to improve health outcomes.
  • Health professionals creating trust within the African-American Communities.
  • “Coaches are not therapists” and what signs to be aware of to help students and families.
Thursday Wednesday February 25th 10:00 am- 11:30 am

COVID: The Next Chapter

On December 31, 2019, in Wuhan, China, was the first reported coronavirus case that would change the world. No one knew that this virus would ravage through America, kill over 300k people and affect over 21 million. Brown and Black communities were being impacted at a higher rate because of the socio-economic
circumstances and poor healthcare inequities. The health disparities, housing conditions, and distrust of the
government played a major role in exposure, how those communities accessed care, and their belief in the
information that was being shared.
Now with the vaccine being available, many of these communities are still reluctant to get the COVID 19 vaccine because of past, racist, and sometimes dangerous, health policies and clinical experiments which targeted particularly vulnerable black and brown communities. Our panelists will discuss what our next chapter will be as we discuss the past and plan for the future.
Thursday February 25th 3:00 pm-4:30 pm
Building and maintaining wealth and creating new streams of income will be the topics of discussion for
“Creating Financial Freedom” panelists. The landscape of opportunities have changed due to the tech industry, entrepreneurship, etc., however, the wealth gap between the African American community and its white counterpart have not changed. Lack of resources, awareness, and lack of confidence in the financial community have stagnated many people from creating their own wealth journey. Finance is a complicated field, so many people are intimidated by the prospect of planning. African Americans represent only 1.5% of all Certified Financial Planners in the country, which means it can be difficult for many people in the African American community to find representation among financial professionals. Many people don’t know who to ask and what assistance to obtain.
Experts on the panel will give their perspective on financial planning, their journey to financial freedom, and capitalizing on new opportunities to build wealth, reducing debt, and obtaining financial advice.

Local Contributors


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There are so many exciting things to do in Baltimore while you are here for the tournament:



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Visit Baltimore CIAA Event Consultant
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Phone: (410) 659-8361

Visit Baltimore – Local Baltimore Information

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