Enjoy a Traditional Baltimore Lemon Stick, On Us!

Visit Baltimore’s lemon stick trike will be at festivals throughout the year.

What is the Lemon Stick Trike?

Visit Baltimore created the Lemon Stick Trike to welcome visitors, greet locals and share an iconic and beloved Baltimore treat with the world.

What are lemon sticks?

Lemon sticks are a simple treat, and a rite of spring and summer in Baltimore. The recipe is simple: Take a soft peppermint candy stick and put it in the center of a ripened, halved lemon. As you suck the juice through the peppermint “straw,” the sweet candy taste mixes with the fresh tangy lemon essence, creating a refreshing taste that’s quintessentially Baltimore.

Where did it come from?

The origin of the lemon stick is not clear, but historians believe it was brought to Baltimore by women who sampled the treats in France. Mentions of lemon sticks appear in the Baltimore Sun dating back to 1924, and some claim the local tradition has been around since the first FlowerMart festival in 1911.

Where can I get one?

Find them at FlowerMart, an annual festival held each May in the Mount Vernon neighborhood with live music, street food, and vendors selling flowers, plants, arts and crafts, and more. You’re likely to spot lemon sticks throughout the warm weather months – wherever kids of all ages are enjoying the many outdoor festivals and events that highlight Baltimore’s diverse neighborhoods. Find the Lemon Stick Trike next at the Baltimore Running Festival Oct. 19.