Baltimore is for Beer Lovers

Baltimore has been a beer-drinking town since Mary Pickersgill sewed the Stars and Stripes on the floor of a local brewery in 1812. From the first German immigrants setting up elaborate breweries and leafy beer gardens, Baltimore has embraced its proud history of local brewing. Today, the city’s beer scene is thriving with craft beer offered by breweries big and small, tap houses and sports bars.

Baltimore's passion for locally crafted beer is sustained by a close-knit community of brewers dedicated to fostering love for local beer; they are part of the city's burgeoning maker culture. From Union Craft Brewing in Woodberry to Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrell House in Halethorpe, the love for makers of local craft beer flows in Baltimore. 

Each year during the month of FeBREWary, Maryland craft beer lovers come together to celebrate all things beer. Baltimore breweries – including Union Craft Brewing and Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House – honor the occasion with new releases, special deals and entertainment and local hotels offer special packages to help you celebrate even longer.