Bolton Hill

Bolton Hill is known as Baltimore's garden district for beautiful fountains, parks and monuments. It's home to a collection of stunning architecture from the 19th century.

Bolton Hill

Stunning Architecture

Bolton Hill’s pleasant tree-lined streets beckon leisurely walks amidst the grandeur of homes designed in every 19th-century architectural style from Gothic Revival to Queen Anne. The current residents of Bolton Hill continue to restore and maintain the magnificent homes that line its family-friendly streets. The Bolton Hill Garden Club organizes biannual tours of the neighborhood’s most beautiful homes and gardens, and helps maintain the extensive public gardens that distinguish this neighborhood. Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church was founded in 1869 and in the early 1900s a stunning collection of 11 huge Tiffany windows, the largest outside a museum, was installed and is still on display today.

Preserving American History

Dr. Lillie Carroll Jackson was a former Baltimore Chapter NAACP president and civil rights activist. Upon her death she requested that her 4-story row home in Bolton Hill, where civil rights campaigns were often organized, become a museum about the battle against racial prejudice. In 2016 the museum reopened after a $3 million restoration and now houses two period rooms and six galleries of exhibits filled with drawings, paintings, letters, photographs, and historic documents related to the Civil Rights Movement. Nearby, honoring a different era of America’s history, is a statue of Francis Scott Key depicting the night he wrote the Star-Spangled Banner during the Battle of Baltimore in 1814.

Creative Outlets

Bolton Hill is home to two of Baltimore’s institutes of higher learning: University of Baltimore (UB) and Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). UB is an undergraduate and graduate school nationally recognized for its law program. MICA has become the leader in the education of artists and designers offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in everything from painting and photography to filmmaking and graphic design. Both schools offer student events that are open to the public, including free student art exhibitions at MICA.

Did You Know

Though the TV show "House of Cards" is based in Washington, D.C., much of the filming was done in Baltimore. You can find the home used as the Underwood's residence in Bolton Hill.